If you are a homeowner we invite you to discover our services portofolio created specially for you. Our quality mark relies on transparency in the accounts, and honesty, dedication and ethics in our job method. What may we offer you?


1. Free market value and consulting of your property. We prepare you a free market value paper, guiding you in the price that you can ask for yor property and also a market strategy to improve the possibillities of selling your house.

2. Property advertisement. Your property will have a great difussion as we promote it between our clients, our web, and in well-known real estate sites.

3. Buyer´s searching. Our agency always put the oye on the customer that seems to have  the biggest solvency guarantees

4. Paperwork management. We carry on all the paperwork previous to the selling´s day in the notary.


1. Property advertisement. Your property will have a great difussion, as we promote it between our clients, our web, and in well-known real estate sites.

2. Tenant´s searching. We make an exhaustive searching to find the most suitable and valid tenant, being always very careful in demanding all the possible information, references and papers that prove that the tenant will be serious and timely with the payments and also will take care of your property as its his own.

3. Lease contract elaboration and signing arrengement. We prepare the lease contract, the keys handover and all the papers related to the tenant´s home entrancy.

4. Monthly rental payment control.  We take special control on the rental´s payment, and also in the punctuality of this payment as is  specified in the contract.

5. Supplies and services payment control.  We have supplies and all the expenses that have to be payed by the tenant under control, as you can just forget about it and just enjoy of your money month by month.

6. Mantenaince, breakdowns and repairs management.  We solve the possible breakdowns that occur in your house,  mediating between you and your tenant, trying always to find the best company that carries out with the problem.*

7. Legal advice service.  We offer you orientation about legislation and procedures to be followed in case of payment defaults, breach of contract, or any problem related with your property´s renting.**

*The professionals and reparation´s fees are not included in our Rental Management Service professional fees.

**The legal advice service is only an assessment service for our clients, and in this service are not included the posible legal costs or the professional lawyer´s fees.

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